V-mounts Mobile Laptop Desks

Multifunctional multi-scene use tables are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, especially those that also come with wheels, those that can be sat on or stood on, and those that are freely adjustable in height. When you need to work from home and want to be near the wide, bright floor-to-ceiling windows of your home on a sunny morning, a mobile computer desk can meet this need; when you are in the office and need to stand to give a short meeting, a height-adjustable laptop with lockable castors can meet your needs; when you need to build a temporary working environment in a small space at home, this When you need to set up a temporary working environment in a small space at home, this small height-adjustable standing desk will meet your needs.

Product Category:Mobile Laptop Desk
Material:MDF & PVC,Steel, Plastic
Worksurface Size(LxW):730X500mm
Worksurface Thickness:15mm
Worksurface Weight Capacity:10KG
Height Adjustment:Manual
Height Range:760-1090mm
Drive method:Lockable gas spring
Packing Size:80.7X22.3X79cm

  1. Controlled by gas spring,it is smooth and free for you to adjust the height of this mobile laptop desk for a perfect working position.  

  2. Sophisticated steel base provides stable support for the entire mobile desk with rollover prevention.

  3. Easy installation with comprehensive construction largely saves consumers' time.

  4. Both desktop and base can be folded to spare more space for you to use and the foldable design is also beneficial for storage.

  5. A load of 10KG can satisfy most of the office needs by holding more useful stuff.

  6. Unique tilting tablelet makes the mobile desk perfect to operate beside beds,reading tables or study rooms,even in the bathroom.

V-mounts Mobile Laptop Desks

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