V-mounts ErgoSpot Mobile Manual Height Adjustable Office Desk VM-FDS102

Mobile Laptop desks are widely used in variety of setting,such as at office work,home work,in education, stationary desks are ideal if you have a home office or designated space, but mobile desks allow you to set up a workstation just about anywhere. You can be productive from a couch, bed, or even just standing.They come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including adjustable designs for sitting, standing, or reclining in comfort, and some models can even help you squeeze more productive hours into your daily commute or business travel. Make you function better and curtail health issues.

Product Category:Mobile Laptop Desk
Material:Steel, Particle board, Plastic
Tabletop color:White, Black, Wooden
Frame color:White, Black
Weight Capacity:10kg/22lb
Desktop Size:800x600x15mm
Height Range:780-1210mm
Base Size:815x504mm
Height Adjustment:Manual
Adjusting gears:Stepless
Packing Size88.5x68x16.5cm

1. The desk contains gas spring inside, you can adjust height as will by pressing the handle easily.
2. The mobile desk with 4  universal wheels (2 lockable) can move easily while ensuring the stability and firmness of the use.
3. The desktop is waterproof, and can hold any size laptop or a tablet with keyboard.
4. This small laptop desk is lightweight, durability and easy-care, and the maximum load capacity is 22 lb.
5. The 'H' shaped base made of cold rolled steel is safe, stable and anti-rollover. It can help you report or complete your work better.

Mobile Manual Height Adjustable Office Desk VM-FDS102

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