V-mounts ErgoFusion Mobile Tiltable Desktop Manual Height Adjustable Office Desk VM-FDS107F

Mobile Laptop desks are widely used in variety of setting,such as at office work,home work,in education, stationary desks are ideal if you have a home office or designated space, but mobile desks allow you to set up a workstation just about anywhere. You can be productive from a couch, bed, or even just standing.They come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including adjustable designs for sitting, standing, or reclining in comfort, and some models can even help you squeeze more productive hours into your daily commute or business travel. Make you function better and curtail health issues.

Product Category:Mobile Laptop Desk
Material:Steel, MDF, Plastic
Color:White, Black
Weight Capacity:10kg/22lb
Fixed Desktop Size:700x550x15mm
Tiltable Desktop Size:515x400x15mm
Desktop Tilt Angle:0-60°
Height Range:750-1060mm
Base Size:675x530mm
Height Adjustment:Manual
Drive method:Lockable Gas Spring
Packing Size79x63x18cm

1.The height of this mobile desk is easy to adjust by lockable gas spring controller freely from sitting to standing to relieve pains from neck and back.
2.With stable material,this office workstation is sturdy enough to hold stuffs up to 10KG free from incline.
3.Reversible desktop allows you to adjust angle while you are reading or working.
4.This mobile desk also owns many detailed designs such as pen slot and cup holder so that you can correctly place these tiny things.
5. Along with a comprehensive instruction manual, you can install this product fast.

Mobile Tiltable Desktop Manual Height Adjustable Office Desk VM-FDS107F

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