SD11 Desk Converter

LD series is a desktop desk with adjustable height to enhance your work experience. This desk can be placed on top of your current desk, so that you can stand or sit down according to your working status, providing assistance for your healthy work. In the long and busy work every day, alternate sitting and working can increase blood flow and reduce spinal pain for those of us who used to be sedentary. Standing at work also helps to keep your mind alert and clear. When compressed, the top platform is 5.1"away from the surface of the table, and when fully extended, it is 19.3", the desktop size is 35.4 "x22.6", and the 33.8 "x12.2" keyboard holder under the desktop can provide you with a wide and comfortable working space. The weight of the whole desk is 18.6kgs. The overall structure of the table is strong, and supplemented by a strong gas spring, which is convenient for your adjustment and reduces the shaking when you adjust the height of the table.

Material:MDF & PVC, Steel, PlasticHeight Range:150-490mm(5.9"-19.3")
Color:BlackHeight Adjustment:Manual
Worksurface Size(LxW):923x746mm(36.3“x29.3”)Packing Size99.5x22.5x82cm
Keyboard Tray Size(LxW):738x389mm(29.1"x15.3")NW(kgs)21.59kgs
Worksurface Weight Capacity:4-15kg(8.8-33lbs)GW(kgs)23.3kgs
keyboard tray capacity:2kg(4.4lbs)Accessory Kit Package:Normal

1. Balance gas spring: make the lifting more stable and smooth

2. Adjustment handle: lightweight and strong material for safe and easy adjustment

3. Styling structure: The edges and corners are smooth to reduce accidental bumps and used Enlarged keyboard tray for better user experience

4. Multi-functional desktop: convenient design to hold pen, mobile phone, tablet and cup at the same time

SD11 Desk Converter

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