Economic Manual Sit Stand Desk Converter VM-GSD76

GSD series is sit-stand desk risers designed to make people’s work experience more enjoyable and make it easier to go about a day. It has a manual handle lift that is easy to operate and smoothly glides up and down. You don’t need to replace current desk. In addition, switching back and forth between sitting and standing every few minutes helps you avoid being in the same sitting position for too long. This helps prevent your body from becoming slouching. The desks are incredibly easy to put together, assembly takes only about 10 minutes at the most. Just 10 minutes, you can enjoy health benefits and comfort. 

Product Category:Desk Converter
Material:Aluminum, Steel, Particle board, Plastic
Total Weight Capacity:10kg/ 22lb
Keyboard Tray Weight Capacity:2kg/ 4.4lb
Desktop Size:640x455mm
Keyboard Tray Size:640x270mm
Height Range:120-410mm
Base Size:500x400mm
Height Adjustment:Manual (one handle)
Adjusting gears:Stepless

1. The base is equipped with a whole piece of particle board, is solid and stable, prevents unwanted shifting and wobbling of equipment.
2. Consisted of an upper desktop and a lower keyboard tray, the desk can fit in most workstations and still provide space for different monitor, laptop setups.
3. With long slot on the desktop for pen, mobile phone and tablet, the desk adds more practical uses.
4. With a durable gas spring, you can adjust your desk riser in one smooth motion by pressure handle.
5. Almost no assembly required, just attach the keyboard tray, place on your existing desk and start your working.

Economic Manual Sit Stand Desk Converter VM-GSD76

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