Dual-Handle Manual Sit Stand Desk Converter VM-GLD07L

GLD series are standing desk converters which has dual gas spring. These desk converters have a Z-shaped frame, offer great stability. The sit-to-stand converters can turn your current tabletop into a height-adjustable standing desk. It is simple to put a little strength into raising it to your desired height by operating dual handles. You can quickly and easily transition between sitting and standing position. Designed to sit on top of your existing desk, these standing desk converters help keep your screens at eye level and your spine aligned for a more ergonomic and productive workday.

Product Category:Desk Converter
Material:Steel, MDF, Plastic
Total Weight Capacity:15kg/ 33lb
Keyboard Tray Weight Capacity:2kg/ 4.4lb
Desktop Size:1200x590x15mm
Keyboard Tray Size:900x320x15mm
Height Range:150x500490mm
Base Size:830x557mm
Height Adjustment:Manual (Double handle)
Adjusting gears:13 gears

1.The edge of the desk is rounded to improve the comfort of use for you. The desktop is waterproof and easy to be wiped off.
2. The enlarged desktop provides more storage space to meet the needs of dual monitors and other series use scenarios.
3. With long slot on the desktop for pen, mobile phone and tablet, the desk adds more practical uses.
3. Keyboard tray quick release function makes installation and remove more convenient and quickly.
4. With dual handles, It takes is a little effort for you to lift the desk easily. 13-gear precise positioning is suitable for various heights.
5. No need to change additional desk, you can converting a static desk to a height-adjustable standing desk.

Dual-Handle Manual Sit Stand Desk Converter VM-GLD07L

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