Right angle design 4 gear memory function 3 motors adjustable standing desk electric frame VM-HED103-90(A3)

HED is the electric lift table series, electric lift in the realization of convenience at the same time can also meet the needs of users of different heights, free to switch between standing and sitting at any time, to avoid the hazards of sedentary, reduce the strain and pressure brought by sedentary to the lumbar spine, so that we can easily put into the work state, not only for our physical health, but also to help us maintain a pleasant mood and improve the efficiency of work and study.

Product Category:Lifting table
Material:SPCC+ Cold-rolled tubes (products without table plates)
Color:White / Black / Grey
Load-bearing range:120KG
Number of motors:3 motors
Table leg :3 sections formal wear
Contour size :(1080-1800)x(1400-2000)x(600-1250)mm
Pipe size :Coarse tube 80x50
Medium tube 75x45
Fine tube 40x70
Table leg size :700x70x22mm
Drive method:Electric
Adjustment method:Hand controller (7 keys and 4 gear keys LED display) with gyroscope function
Voltage:Wide voltage: 110V-240V
Lifting speed (electric):25mm/s
Power plug:British Standard, European Standard, American Standard, German Standard, National Standard
Noise decibels:Less than 55
Packing Size:105.8x34.5x39.3cm

1. Right-angle design saves a larger office area, non-slip foot pad design, the height can be fine-tuned.
2. 3 motor + 3 legs electric lift, lift more stable and convenient
3. Stop function in case of obstruction safety is guaranteed.
4. Retractable table frame, matching a variety of sizes of desktop.
5. 600-1250mm adjustable height by the LED screen real-time display.
6. Four-position height memory mode, one key to restore to the preset height.
7. Load-bearing capacity can reach 120KG, large load-bearing motor lift more robust.


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