Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk VM-GHED121D-DS

GHED is a series of electric lifting table, it can be in situ at any time to achieve any switch mode of standing and sitting posture, to avoid the hazards of sedentary, reduce the strain and pressure brought by sedentary to the lumbar spine, so that we can easily put into the state of work, not only conducive to our physical health, but also help us to maintain a happy mood and improve the efficiency of work and study.

Product Category:Sit & Stand Desk
Material:Steel, particle board, plastic
Frame color:Black, White, Brown and other wood colors
Tabletop color:White, Black, Gray
Load-bearing range:80KG
Tabletop size:1200x605x18 mm
Main desk height range:720-1200 mm
Adjustable tabletop height gear:0/45/90/135mm
Leg stage:2
Column design:Reversed
Motor qty:1
Adjustment method:Electric adjustment by hand controller
Lifting speed (Electric):25mm/s
Noise :<55db

1. Electric Height adjustment is suitable for various heights, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing comfortably.
2. The hand controller has 2 memorized buttons to set up your desired height within the height range of the table. LED display screen can show the height of the table clearly.
3. 4 gear height adjustment for top tier desktop, when you place the monitor, you can adjust the height of monitor, no need to buy monitor mount separately.
4. Adjustable Foot Pads prevent desk wobbling and protect your floor from scratches.
5. Anti-Collision function protects the desk from bumps and scratches when hit obstacles under the desk.
6. The noise during lifting is less than 55 db, ensure you have a quiet environment when you are working or study.

Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk VM-GHED121D-DS

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