HED102D-1 Standing Desks-Electrical Standing Desk

A flexible working environment allows you to have a better working experience. Standing desks could reduce the risk of back pain, diabetes, heart problems, obesity and other physical problems.

Electric Height adjustable standing desks have common or sensitive button controllers with digital readout, programmable memory preset options, gyroscope function, different design about strong steel legs, powerful and quiet motors -- Everything is designed for health and productivity.

Our products are FCC, CE, ROHS, PSE, and UL certified, ensuring the safety and quality of the design. And the test about fatigue loading has been done over 50000 times.

Product name:Standing Desks-Electrical Standing DeskAdjustable Feet Pad:Yes
Material:SPCC, SteelMotor Quantity:2
Dimensions:(42.5-70.8x22x23.6-49.2)inchPower Input:110V / 240V
Frame Orientation:RectanglePower Cord Length:2m(6.5ft)
Recommended Desktop Sizes:70.87*27.56, 59.06*27.56, 47.24*23.62 inchMax. Speed:25mm/s
Weight Capacity:100KG(220.46lbs)Independent power adapterNo
Width Range:42.5-70.8 inchGyroscopeYes
Height Range:23.6-49.2 inchController Type:Button Control Panel 
Column Design:Reversed columnSuggested Operating Temperature:-5℃~40℃
Column Segments:3-Stage ColumnIP Grade:IP20
Column Size:3.15x1.97, 2.95x1.77, 1.57x2.76inchCertification:UL, PSE, ROHS, FCC, CE
Leg Quantity:2Packing Size
Frame Color:Black/white/silverAccessory Kit Package:Normal

1. Robust and stable construction: Offers increased power, speed and stability, adjust height between 23.6-49.2 inches; Weight capacity up to 100kg.

2. Strong dual-motor: Each 3-stage reversed rectangle lifting leg offers smoother height adjustments, better stability, and low noise while moving.                                                        3. 4 Programmable Memory Settings: Four-level high memory mode, one-button restore to the preset height (7-button digital display controller).   

4. Measures: (42.5-70.8)x22x(23.6-49.2)inches

5. 3 color options: Black, white, silver powder coating finish.

6. Easy to assemble, includes gyroscope function.

7. Recommended desktop Sizes: 1800*700mm (70.87”x 27.56”), 1500*700mm (59.06”x 27.56”), 1200*600mm (47.24” x 23.62”)

HED102D-1 Standing Desks-Electrical Standing Desk

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