V-mounts L Shape Single Motor Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk VM-JSD5-02-L1

V-mounts L shape electric height adjustable desk is designed with L shape desktop, the left and right shape can be changed according to the needs of different users. This model is suitable for home and office use, equipped with Up & down button. Memory control panel is optional. With larger desktop, users can have bigger working space.  

Frame ColorBlack/White/Light gray
By FunctionElectric
MaterialSteel, PB, Plastic
Table top size1450x850x18mm
Height Range720-1180mm
Pipe Size80x50mm
Controller TypeButton Control Panel
Power Input110v-240v
Motor Quantity1
Column Segments2
Weight Capacity Range70KG
Max. Speed20mm/s

1. L shape desktop: users can have larger working space, the left and right size is changeable. 

2. Height adjustment: rises evenly, quickly and quietly when fully loaded.

3. Anti-Collision function: for safety use, protect the desk from bumps and scratches.

4. Colors: 3 color options for frame: Black, white, gray.

5. Control panel: Up & down button, memory control panel is also optional.

6. Packing: Packaging optimized for E-Commerce for low storage and shipping costs.

7. Plug: American standard, English standard, Australian standard

V-mounts L Shape Single Motor Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk VM-JSD5-02-L1

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