V-mounts Electric Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desks Frame With Square Legs VM-JSD2-01

The height adjustable desks of  V-mounts is made strictly following international standards. Designed by innovative designers and controlled by QC inspectors, V-mounts Single motor manual adjustment desk frame adjustable desk with Slow start and slow stop function has an attractive appearance and can withstand the test of time. With those excellent characteristics, it will bring much convenience to users. 

Model No VM-JSD2-01
Height Range720-1200mm/28.3-47.2in
Lifting Speed25mm/s
Power Input110-240V
Motion Noise<50dB
Max Load Capacity80kg/176lbs

  1. It is suitable for a variety of life scenarios, such as classroom, office, and home. It can be used as a workbench or casually.

  2. Adjust the height from 28.3 in to 47.2  with UP/down button,3 memory modes to store suitable height,press one button to reach the height you want.

  3. With powerful dual motor, the whole desk frame can bear the weight of 80KG(176lbs) and rise up and down steadily and smoothly.

  4. When the desktop meets the resistance or obstacle during the time of lifting up and down,it can sense and stop by itself.You can put the obstacles away,then it can continue lifting.


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