V-mounts ErgoSpot Z shaped RGB Gaming Desk VM-GT01P

GT series is a stylish gaming table designed for gaming. Every detail and feature of the desktop is personalized customized to the game player. Gaming desks not only have a unique design but also have extra touches that make them look more modern. There are a variety of opntons that you can choose according to your needs and requirements. The main goal of a game table is for you to enjoy a perfect gaming experience. It provides the necessary space for multiple screens and you can easily switch between keyboards. It also helps the player to focus on the game without damage to any part of the body. Cool lighting design brings players an immersive gaming experience. It will be a very comfortable desk for gamers.

Product category:Gaming Desk
Material:Steel, particle board, plastic
Weight capacity:80KG
Product size:1270x635x766 mm
Desktop size:1200x600x18 mm
Llight Mode:Marquee (optional RGB light)
Mounting method:Freestanding
Standard accessories:Mouse pad, Cup and headphone holder

1. Spacious carbon fiber surface can hold all you electronic equipment up as well as your hands, and is easy to clean.
2. The gaming desk provides a stable and steady gaming experience with durable Z-shaped metal legs, made of cold-rolled steel.
3.The large desktop can accommodate all your gaming gear such as dual screens, mechanical keyboards, headsets and more.
4. Unique pattern on the table legs makes the whole product look more stylish and aesthetically pleasing.
5. The desk comes with a mouse pad, a cup holder and headphone hook, provides you a multi-functional workstation and brings you more convenient gaming environment.
6. The RGB marquees light shells installed on both sides of table are full of technology and make you better immerse in gaming.

Z shaped RGB Gaming Desk VM-GT01P

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