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  • Save Space With a Double Arm Desk Mount System

    With todays focus on technology in the work place, a solution to save space and eliminate clutter is necessary for increasing efficiency. Many office personnel, especially those who work in the information technology industry use double LCD monitors. Having two monitors on a desk in addition to all the other necessary desk items can make it cumbersome to work. But there is a space saving solution ...
  • Consider Monitor Desk Mount

    Both homeowners and businesses are increasingly using a monitor desk mount for their PC monitors to improve ergonomics. If you want to choose one or more of these mounts for your home or office, make sure that you know about the types of mounts and how to choose them.Consider the optionsWhen you are choosing the mount, consider all the available options based on your need:• Do you need a ...
  • How to Choose Among LCD TV Stands?

    LCD TV stands are as important as the television itself. The stand adds a lot to the quality of the viewing experience. Its a compliment to the screen. Regular stands will only diminish your decor as well as your new screen. These stands should be carefully selected and they have to go with your room theme. Despite their sophisticated and usually futuristic designs, LCD TV stands guarantee your sc...
  • Flat Panel TV Stands are rapidly becoming popular

    Flat Panel TV Stands are rapidly becoming popular. The reasons behind their growing popularity are the several advantages that can be achieved by using these TV Stands instead of putting the TV on a TV rack. Go through the advantages listed below:When compared with wall and ceiling hangers, Flat Panel Television Stands are more preferred. The main reason behind this is the ease of set up. Televisi...
  • Using a Projector Ceiling Mount

    Mounting a projector on a ceiling bracket is a popular choice of the mounts that are available. The advantage of these types of mounts is that the projector is out-of-the-way and is permanently ready to use. When using a ceiling mount projector, you do not need to worry about setting it up into the correct viewing orientation as it will be permanently in place. One of the disadvantages of projecto...
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