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Laptop Stand
  • Aluminum Laptop Stand VM-LHA2

    Raises your laptop or tablet screen height to the best position.

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  • Height adjustable laptop stand VM-LHA5

    Made from aluminum for a sturdy stance

    Easily adjusts the height of your laptop upto 7.3 inches and the load up to 5kgs/11lbs


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  • Height adjustable laptop stand VM-LHA6

    1、 Using ratchet + automatic commutation structure to realize fast, easy and convenient height adjustment.
    2、The height adjustment of  6 gears meets the posture requirements of different heights.
    3、The upper and lower shells of the adjusting arm are staggered, and there is no gap in the middle, so as to avoid finger pinch injury.
    4、The panel is made of hollow aluminium plate, which is beautiful and elegant, and has good heat dissipation effect.
    5、Installation-free, open box can be used.
    6、Structural stability, durability and impact resistance.

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  • Angle-adjustable Laptop stand VM-MR12

     Flat surface lap desk for using laptop computer when a table or desk is not available

    •Angle-adjustable Laptop stand rest for ergonomic comfort; helps keep laptop safely in place

    • Use on the couch, in bed, while traveling, and more

    • Flat bottom provides comfort, plus support and stability for your equipment

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  • Notebook Mount VM-LHA12

    1、Our Notebook bracket is Sturdy and Secure;

    2、Large airflow vents prevent your device from overheating;

    3、Travel Friendly and Portable:This stand can be easily packed away when not in use.

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