V-mounts office furniture manufacturer supplier

Jan. 28, 23

At the end of 2022, GM Hank Lu of V-mounts held an annual meeting, expressing the summary of company operations in 2022 and rewarding departments and individuals for outstanding contributions. For example, the sourcing department's efforts, which made significant progress in cost control management, enabled us to provide customers with better and more competitive prices and helped our customers to expand the market and promote sales. Furthermore, constant efforts were made in product optimization to provide more competitive products for our core customers. With the concerted efforts of all, V-mounts achieved a big success, the annual sales of which were 600,000 dollars. V-mounts is a prime manufacturer who is specialized in producing and designing a comprehensive line of height-adjustable standing desks, mobile desks, gaming desks, monitor mounts, desk converters, and TV brackets. Our product is mainly sold to the US, Canada, Mexico in North America, Germany, Britain, France in Europe, Australia in Oceania, Brazil in South America, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, HK in Asia, and Arab countries.

V-mounts office furniture manufacturer supplier

V-mounts office furniture manufacturer supplier

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