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Ultra-Slim Adjustable Sit Stand Desk VM-SD14

No running up and down, ultra-thin, one-handed adjustment, convenient movement, no installation, can be used after unpacking, durable and impact-resistant, no need to plug in, safe and easy to scrub the desktop, desktop waterproof, gradeless adjustment of height, static desk into a highly adjustable standing desk without additional table replacement, front and back. Inclination treatment to prevent accidental scratch.

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Product Specs

  • Model:Ultra-Slim Adjustable Sit Stand Desk VM-SD14
  • Load:10kg
  • Color:B/S/W
  • Product Size:743-470mm/29.3-18.5inch
  • Adjustable:50-400mm/2-15.7inch
  • Max Hold:10kg

Package Specs

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  • Adjustable height stand up desk VM-SD10

    1.Easy Operation Dual tier Design
    2.Smooth transition and excellent structure
    3.Better working experience
    4.certain Height-
    Adjustable Standing Desk Converters of Vision Mounts are licensed under U.S.
    Patent Nos. 9,113,703, 9,277,809, 9554,644, 9,924,793 and other pending /issued
    U.S. and foreign patents.

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  • Sit and Stand Desktop VM-SD08

    1.Spacious worksurface accommodates most keyboards and mousing device
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    3.Great Synthesis of Techincal,Ergonomic & Aesthetic Design
    4.certain Height-
    Adjustable Standing Desk Converters of Vision Mounts are licensed under U.S.
    Patent Nos. 9,113,703, 9,277,809, 9554,644, 9,924,793 and other pending /issued
    U.S. and foreign patents.


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    4.Height adjustment allows a comforable standing or sitting position as you want
    5.certain Height-
    Adjustable Standing Desk Converters of Vision Mounts are licensed 
    under U.S.Patent Nos. 9,113,703, 9,277,809, 9554,644, 9,924,793 
    and other pending /issued U.S. and foreign patents.

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